Reliable energy for animal nutrition

30 years

of experience


Our Market

• Poultry

• Swine

• Feed manufacturers

• Bovine

• Pet food manufacturers

Our market

• Poultry
• Swine
• Feed manufacturers
• Bovine
• Pet food manufacturers

About us

30 years
of experience

QODSA is a leading company in the animal feed market, we have 30 years of experience in the production of vegetable fatty acids, such as acidulated soapstock as well as in the importation and commercialization of yellow grease, DCO (Distillers corn oil), beef tallow and other vegetable and animal fats and oils.

We provide products for a healthier nutrition with a high energetic value, always offering the most reliable energy source thru our fats and oils.

We transform by-products and raw materials into value-added products.


An excellent alternative energy source

01. Acidulated sopastock

QODSA transforms byproducts as soapstock from the refining of soybean, canola, sesame, sunflower and corn oil, thru a unique an high-tech hydrolysis process. It offers the feed market an incomparable source of energy for animal nutrition.

Total fatty acids 92% Min
Free fatty acids 40% - 60%  Máx
Iodine value 80-120
Moisture 2% Max
Insolubles 2% Max
Unsaponifiable 3% Max
Peroxide value 4 Meq./Kg.Máx.
Linoleic Acid 40% Min.
Metabolizable energy 8,500 Kcal. /Kg.Min

Free Fatty Acids Profile


Palmitic acid 14.5%
Stearic acid 2.5%
Oleic acid 32.0%
Linoleic acid 46.0%
Others 5.0%

02. Yellow Grease

It is a generic name that is given to a mixture of oils and fats from various sources or processes such as used cooking oils (UCO), fats and oil byproducts of food processes, etc.

Total fatty acids 90% Min
Free fatty acids 15%  Max
ÍIodine value 80 Min
Moisture 2% Max
Peroxide value 4 Meq./Kg.Máx.
Linoleic Acid 15% Min.
Metabolizable energy 8,500 Kcal. /Kg.Min


03. DCO Distillers Corn Oil

It is a coproduct of ethanol production through dry milling. It can be used for the production of biodiesel or as an ingredient in the production of animal feed. It contains all the carotenoids present in corn, at a much higher concentration. It has an added value in the case of laying hens and broilers; Since in addition to providing energy, it provides red and yellow pigments for the pigmentation of egg yolk and skin.

Total fatty acids 92% Min
Free fatty acids 15%  Max
Iodine value 105% Min
Moisture 1% Max
Insolubles 1% Max
Unsaponifiable 3% Max
Peroxide value 4% Meq./Kg.Máx.
Linoleic Acid 50% Min.
Metabolizable energy 8,800 Kcal. /Kg.Min

04. Poultry Fat

It is obtained from the poultry rendering and used as an ingredient in pet food manufactory due to its odor and palatability.

Total fatty acids 92% Min
Free fatty acids 5%  Max
Iodine value 70% Min
Moisture 1% Max
Insolubles 1% Max
Insolubles 3% Max
Peroxide value 5% Meq./Kg.Máx.
Metabolizable energy 8,800 Kcal. /Kg.Min

05. Soybean Oil

It is obtained from soybeans.

Free fatty acids .75% Max.
Moisture .50% Max.
Iodine value 120 Min
Unsaponifiable 1.5% Max

Our Process

Within the commercial production of edible vegetable oils, the soapstock is obtained as a refining byproduct. Sopastock is a mixture of several compounds; mainly triglycerides and soap (sodium salts of fatty acids), in addition to small amounts of phosphatides, sterols, tocopherols, carotenoids and traces of other materials.

These soapstocks can be conditioned and have greater uniformity and nutritional quality through hydrolysis, in order to convert the soaps into fatty acids.

The hydrolyzed oil has a greater amount of free fatty acids, triglycerides and a minimum of impurities.


Why choosing us?

Quality certificate on each shipment that guarantees product specifications.

Versatility. We can provide a blend of oils and / or adjust to the parameters according to your request.

Reliability in all our delivery time.

Competitive prices. Obtaining an excellent cost / benefit ratio when using our products.

Technical and advisory service for the handling and storage of our products.

Prestige. Excellent client portfolio.

Equipment and facilities

Unique high- tech oil separation process


Equipped quality control lab with trained staff where we perform a strict analysis of both our raw materials and finish product.


Modern and high-tech production plant with clean, efficient and safe facilities.


The best and most modern centrifugation equipment to carry out the separation of acid oil after our continuous hydrolysis process.

Transportation fleet

Our own transportation fleet of stainless-steel thermal vessels guarantees non contamination risks by other products.

Enviromental Value

We firmly believe that industry is commited not only with its customers and suppliers, but also with the environment. In QODSA we focus 100% on BMP focused on preserving the environment.

• Wastewater treatment
• Use of renewable energies
• Use of natural gas


It will be a pleasure

to assist you

If you require more information please contact us.

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